Date: 05-01-2022
    With their adorable looks, fluffy coat and friendly personalities, Oodle dogs have become very popular in Australia as both companion and family dogs. An Oodle is a type of dog where one parent is a purebred Poodle and the other is another breed of dog.


    Date: 08-11-2021
    CEN Complete Electrolyte provides your horse with the essential electrolytes in the proper ratios, to provide better performance by improving power and stamina. Electrolytes are essential in maintaining the right amount of fluid in and around cells. They are involved in key roles throughout the horse’s body. Regulating heartbeat, muscle contraction, nerve pulse transmission and digestion are all assisted by the electrochemical processes of electrolytes. They also help to move fluids in and out of cells and aid in nutrient absorption. Without electrolytes, water cannot be properly retained and utilised by the horse’s body.
  • Cherish Petfood's Ingredient Feature- Tumeric

    Cherish Petfood's Ingredient Feature- Tumeric

    Date: 06-10-2021
    Turmeric is a little known ingredient with powerful properties. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with joint issues, immune response, skin issues, prevention of gastro-intestinal issues, prevention of cancer, plaque build up and help with the over-use of steroids as treatments. Read here to see how you can safely add Turmeric into your dogs diet.
  • What are ancient grains? Why should they be in your dogs food?

    What are ancient grains? Why should they be in your dogs food?

    Date: 06-10-2021
    For most dogs, normal grains are not suitable, however, for other dogs, grains provide benefits such as preventing loose stools and maintaining weight. As you know, ancient grains are a great source of protein and fiber, making them a great alternative to traditional grains like rice and wheat.


    Date: 02-08-2021
    When feeding, most people plan their own likings onto their dogs and feed them high carb kibble or vegan food. But that’s not the optimal diet for dogs, and they won’t thrive well on it. The primary fuel that dogs need in their diet is not carbohydrates or grains, but fats.


    Date: 02-08-2021
    Anxiety is a common problem in dogs. Dogs of all breeds can suffer from anxiety, and each individual suffers differently from the others.
  • 9 Signs Your Cat Loves You
  • Tough Plush Toys with TPR Rubber

    Tough Plush Toys with TPR Rubber

    Date: 19-08-2020
    If your dog is known to be more a killer than a lover when it comes to plush toys, but you don’t want them to miss out completely, you can increase the durability of the plush toy by finding toys that use a combination of plush and TPR safe rubber.
  • From Hunter to Lover

    From Hunter to Lover

    Date: 14-08-2020
    It is that little flutter of love, that irresistible face that sees us crack a smile, makes us look at our dogs not just as pets, but as a treasured family member. So, when it comes to caring for your four-legged friends you want to do the very best you can for them.
  • Plush Toy

    Plush Toy

    Date: 03-08-2020
    Let’s be real, a lot of you will have a dog that is in love with stuffed plush toys. They will carry them around everywhere they go, or sit there licking it, snuggled right up to it, or literally try and shake it to death. But have you ever thought about why they so obsessed?
  • Enrichment Toys

    Enrichment Toys

    Date: 26-07-2020
    Whilst this may come as a surprise to many of you when you look at that little lump at the end of your couch, dogs are thinkers, very inquisitive by nature and they love to hunt!
  • Interactive Toys

    Interactive Toys

    Date: 17-07-2020
    Dogs, like humans, are very social animals. Driving interactive play between you and your dog, or them and their furry mate from down the road, is a way to not only positively cement the bond you have with them, but to also fulfill that need for social interaction that they have.


    Date: 01-07-2020
    Chewing is a normal behaviour in dogs. It is instinctively built into them to keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean, as well as a stimulating form of exercise and a way to relieve stress and anxiety. In this way, chew toys are like the multi tool of the dog world. It is important that you provide your dog, whether it be a puppy or an adult, a variety of attractive and safe chew toys.