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Troy Plaque Off Chews


 This recall has been initiated for the following batches of Troy Plaque Off Chews (9304).

Batches affected:
Batch 23R001 Expiry 07/25
Batch 23R002 Expiry 08/25

This batch recall has been initiated due to reports of mould contamination.


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AS/NZS 5328’s publication follows years of contention around what can be flushed down a toilet, an issue that only worsened during Australia’s COVID-19 lockdowns.  

The standard defines criteria for what material can be flushed down the toilet and, therefore, what products can be classified ‘flushable.’  To assist manufacturers in developing these products, the standard provides test methods for determining ‘flushability.’ In order to be ‘flushable’, the standards must have a declaration that it has passed six stringent tests. It also specifies disposable labelling requirements so that if a product is flushable, it will be clearly indicated on the packaging, providing confidence for the end consumer.  


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Gentle Leader Harness with Front Leash Attachment


  • Title to show- Gentle Leader Harness (Not Easy Walk Harness)
  • Photo- Correct image used, New packaging image attached.
  • Product photo, mustn’t have the Easy Walk label.  Images attached that may be used. 
  • Description/Blurb – Anywhere where Easy Walk is used in the description must be removed and replaced with Gentle Leader Harness.

Letter From Beau Pets

Updated Images

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PERNAFlex Powder



A natural supplement to support joint health
in Dogs and Cats of all ages

Contains : Green Lipped Mussel 600g/kg,
Marine Cartilage 200g/kg & Abalone 200g/kg


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MFM Australia Voluntary Recall


MFM Australia have issued a voluntary recall on certain batches of their products distributed throughout Australia. For more information & official communication from MFM, please click here.

Retailers should check their stock of MFM and remove any of the affected batches from sale. 

Claims for affected batches can be raised to Western Pet Supplies by sending an email to Please include the product description, quantity, batch & expiry, as well as your invoice of purchase. A credit will be issued to your account with Western Pet Supplies.

Need further information?

Please reach out to MFM via should you have any questions or concerns in relation to their products.

If you need help submitting your claim, please don't hestitate to contact our friendly Customer Service team on (02) 9607 9033 or via

 An Important Supplier Announcement

Troy Repel X


Please find attached permit relating to the shelf life extension for specific batches of Repel-X 500mL.

Please distribute this communication internally and to your customers.


Batch Number

Manufacturing Date

Expiry Date on Label

New Expiry Date


























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Vetsense Biotin Hoof Powder + MSM


Biotin Hoof Powder+ is a hoof growth supplement
for horses. The advanced formula targets hoof
repair and development, with the added benefit of
improving your horse’s hair & skin integrity.


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Science Diet Puppy & Kitten with AB+ flow through - July


● Dry + Healthy Cuisine Kitten will transition to AB+ from July onwards 2023
● Now with ActiveBiome+ fibre technology to optimise Gastrointestinal Health
● Puppy Cans will not have AB+ upgrade (but loaf can will change sku codes on 3rd July as we move to Desenzano supply)
● Transition recommended


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Science Diet Pricing Correction

Date 10/8/23


Please contact our customer service team for any enquires 



Pro Plan Dog

Date 3/8/23


Pro Plan dog relaunch New Look with Advanced Formulas!


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Kong Catnip Toys

Date 3/8/23


Kong experiencing a significant issue with supply of KONG cat products that include catnip due to a delay of permits. This unfortunately affects 90% of our cat products and we are working to come up with a solution as quick as possible.Kong are having some toys redesigned without catnip and some new lines added to our range please click more info for these skus.


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Anitone Aus Organic Certification Announcement

Date 28/07/23

On the 10th July 2023, Anitone Pty Ltd, the manufacturers of Anitone, became a registered
product, as a Certified Operation with ACO Certification Ltd. The scope of certification;
processor and allowed inputs, under the grouping of livestock, production and materials.


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Kong Metal Stands

Date 24/07/23

If you would like to to order Kong Metal Stands they are now Available to order through Kong Rep Ben.


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GiGwi Pet Driod Mouse Recall Notice

Date 23/5/23


Attention Retailer,

From the recent changes to the new button battery laws released in Australia on June 22nd 2022, and investigation it has come to our attention that the below item is not compliant with the mandatory safety standard.


SKU code: DAG2405

Barcode: 846295070669

Name: GiGwi Pet Droid Mouse


As a result this product is being recalled from the Australian market.

Defect: The product does not comply The battery compartment does not contain a captive screw designed to ensure the compartment is resistant to being opened by children.

Hazard: If young children gain access to button batteries and ingest them, they are likely to suffer severe internal burn injuries, which can result in serious injury or death. Button batteries also pose a choking hazard to young children.

What to do: Please remove all product from your shelves and keep in a safe place out of reach of children. Please contact your wholesale partner who supplied the product to organise a refund.

Please also display the consumer product recall notice in your store.

For further information please email


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The Pet Project

Date 15/5/23

The Pet Project have recently refreshed the single ingredient range packaging and have an exciting new look coming. The new bags will start being rolled out in the coming month (June 2023) and the refreshed bags are expected to do well. It’s a vibrant package that pops out on the shelf, has a new clean design and a premium soft touch feel to it.



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Snooza Bedding

Date 20/4/23


Snooza have been working hard to ensure environmentally friendly materials are used in there bedding , in selected ranges (list below) they have now introduced the Eco fresh material.


  • All Cuddlers
  • Hoodie Cuddlers
  • All Snugglers
  • Ultra Comfort Lounges
  • All Orthopaedic Sofas
  • The new Sofa Buddy
  • The new Deep Sleeper
  • The new Low Front Lounger
  • The new Ultra Tuff Lounge
  • The new Ultra Tuff Retreat
  • All Buddy Beds
  • All Shapes Oblong
  • All Ortho Nestlers


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Kong Catnip

Date 18/4/23


Kong experiencing a significant issue with supply of KONG cat products that include catnip due to a delay of permits. This unfortunately affects 90% of our cat products and we are working to come up with a solution as quick as possible.Kong are having some toys redesigned without catnip and some new lines added to our range.

For any questions please contact our customer service team.

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Fido Packaging Change

Date 18/4/23


Over the past couple of months Fido's have been updating there packaging for a new and exciting look please see link below for new images and we will continue to update file when new images become available.


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Prozym Sticks

Date 17/4/23

In the most recent formulation, a colouring agent has been changed – the sticks are now brown in colour, instead of the previous white colour. Apart from the colour change, the formulation remains the same.


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 Date 3/3/23

Updated Gigwi Johnny Stick Treat dispenser Red, will no longer be coming with the twist top cap the new and updated verison is now available to order. 


Please see below a link for the new images and and updated description.


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Date 25/1/23


All your Equine Grooming & Health Essentials.

Outlining Products and there functions and directions From Shampoo to Perfromance Supplements. 


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Virbac Epiotic SIS

Date 5/1/23


Replacing the Virbac Epiotic with EpiOtic SIS AVAILABLE MARCH 2023


What has changed?

- The product label, barcode & product codes

- Product images

- The formulation


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Date 3/1/23

Still the same great formula now in a new 6.5kg and new packaging 



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Date 7/11/22

Now with 8 months paralysis tick and flea protection.


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Supercoat Relaunch

Date 05/10/22


SUPERCOAT SMARTBLEND is the precise combination of high-quality natural ingredients; blended with real meat, plus 22 essential vitamins and minerals. Nourish your dog with the tailored nutrition they need to bring out their best everyday.



Enhanced nutrition to nourish your dog day after day and help keep them at their healthy best!


We’ve added an additional triangle shape across some* of our formulas to add variety to every bite while delivering tasty food your dog will love. *Excludes Puppy and Large Breed formulas.


Our new formulation in the Adult Sensitive range now includes wheat. It is still made with real fish and is free from beef and chicken meat but please consider if wheat is right for your furry friend. This refers to Sensitive range only.


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Pro Plan Wet Cat Pouch

Date 13/09/22

Pro Plan Wet Cat Pouches are undergoing a change with a new look.

6 of the 7 lines are having a soft change over (new order code) with 1 SKU been a Hard Change which is Pro Plan Derma.

This change will begin end of September and will occur as stock of existing lines runs out.


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Date 16/08/22

Impacted by global shipping disruptions, Kelato are temporarily unable to receive some sizes of our blue buckets and yellow lids.

As a result, the following sizes will be supplied in white buckets and lids for a short period of time. We expect this disruption to be within a small time frame with dispatch commencing from mid-June (attached are images of our temporary white pails).


Products to be implicated:

800mL pails - from mid-June

  • BetaCALM 600g
  • BiotinMAX Concentrate 800g
  • LoosenUP 600g
  • ZanoBOLIC Concentrate 500g

3 litre pails - from July

  • BetaCALM 2kg
  • BiotinMAX Concentrate 2.5kg
  • GastroAID Everyday 1.68kg
  • KelatoVIT 2kg
  • LoosenUP 2kg
  • NutriFLEX 1kg
  • PulmonAID 1.8kg
  • ZanoBOLIC Concentrate 1.8kg

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and your continued support.




Date 30/06/22

New button battery laws relating to consumer goods. Please read the letter in the below link to see how this may effect you.

For any further information please contact our customer service team

Click Here To Download Product Update Letter

Click Here To Download Battery Safety Guide



Date 19/01/22

Unfortunately, we have now been made aware of a manufacturing issue affecting three products in
the adult cat pouch range.


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Date 19/01/22

 CEN Notification

The attached RRP is for Retailers to use as a ( GUIDE ONLY ), this may assist Retailers in pricing the CEN Range accordingly.

Comfortis Plus Barcode Change

Date 21/12/21

Elanco Notification

Barcode change has been advised by Elanco for the Comfortis Plus Range. 


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Hills Ongoing Supply Shortages

Date 16/12/21

Hills Notification

Hills apologise for the inconvenience the ongoing disruption has caused and thank you for your
continued support and understanding.

Hills have been and continue to work on a range of options to increase supply, some of which have
already been actioned and others will be implemented as soon as possible.



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Difference Between Oz Pet Original and Pine

Date 13/12/21

Due to Raw material shortages that are continuing following the devastation of the 2019-20 bushfires, Then the advent of Covid-19 last year slowed the building trade, and the demand for timber processing. Oz Pet have decided to bring out a Pine range as a tempory replacement for the Oz Pet Original range. This Product is still Proudly Australian owned and
made with a few variations.


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For further information please download the PDF

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Cherish New Dog & Cat Treats

Date 8/12/21


Proudly Australian owned and
made .

A highly palatable treat for cats
supplemented with dietary cellulose which
may assist in reducing hairball symptoms
and aid in faecal hair excretion.

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For further information please download the PDF

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Proudly Australian owned and
made .

A highly palatable activated charcoal based
treat, which fed on a regular basis, may
assist with the control of objectionable body
odours and bad breath in dogs.

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For further information please download the PDF

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Talentail's New Preimum Dog Food

Date 7/12/21

Australia Talentail is a proudly Australian owned and
operated company. Formulated with the best Australian ingredients nature has to offer.

  • 98% Australian Ingredients: Carefully selected and sourced to ensure premium quality.
  • 50% Meat and Oils: Premium recipes to provide the best nutrition for your pet.
  • Kakadu plum powder: Extremely rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant powerhouse,
    the best Australian superfood nature has to offer.

Suitable for: All breeds and all ages
Available in: Lamb & Brown Rice and Chicken & Brown Rice 15Kg

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For further information please download the PDF

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Breeders Choice- New Packaging

Date 7/12/21

It's almost hear! Breeders Choice have been working hard over the past 12 months on revamping their packaging, and retailers should start to see it flow through to their stores in the next few weeks. The product is the same as it always was and you can still get Breeders Choice by order with your existing supplier codes/barcodes. 

Breeders Choice will be working hard over the coming months to communicate all the changes with consumers and retailers, through a series of video campaigns on Youtube. For further information please download the PDF