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We know that your dog or cat is your best friend, and it’s only natural to want to spoil them with the best.

With over 29 years of industry knowledge and experience, you can trust that with GiGwi Australia

you will be getting the highest quality and safest toys for your pets.

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Dental toys is often something that is overlooked in the feline world, but dental health is very important for cats with 8/10 cats experiencing dental problems in their life. In the wild, cats would usually clean their teeth by chewing on bones or grass, but modern day domestic life has left them lacking the ability to remove the plaque and debris build up in their mouth.

INTRODUCING the Gigwi Cat Dental Range. We have brought you two products, unique in Australia to give your cat the ability to play AND clean their teeth at the same time.

The roll tailed mouse is made out of TPR rubber, with groves and spikes that massage around your cats gums and teeth as they play.

The Dental Mesh range has a unique mesh surface that cleans cats teeth as they bite and play. 

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