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Andis is celebrating this year 100 years of helping Pet Owners, Groomers and Vets achieve a perfect cut. Quality, reliability and innovation have earnt Andis a place as one of the world’s leading brands of clippers and grooming products. Andis are proud of producing high quality products that are trusted by professionals to deliver high quality cuts and praised by home groomers as being reliable and user friendly.


Andis pride themselves on their wide-reaching range of clippers. From trusted and affordable light weight clippers perfect for trimming and touch-ups all the way to professional grade powerhouse clippers that will glide their way through the toughest of coats again and again. There is a clipper for every job and every pet.










The Grooming tool range

Introducing the newest addition to the Andis product family - the Andis Grooming Tools Range! Our range of professional grooming tools for dogs and cats is designed to make grooming at home easier and more enjoyable than ever before. With a focus on quality materials and expert craftsmanship, our tools are perfect for pet owners looking to achieve salon-quality grooming results without leaving their home. Whether you're looking to trim your pet's fur, clip their nails or give them a bath, our range has everything you need to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their best. Discover the Andis Grooming Tools Range today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier pet!

DIY Grooming

Become your pet’s very own hairdresser! Make the affordable investment and save in the long run. Whether it’s full body grooming or just touch ups in between visits to the groomer. Enjoy styling and bonding with your pet getting them spruced up head to toe, top to tail. There are easy steps and guides to grooming in the brand resources link below!