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How Often Should Dogs Be Fed?

LifeWise is a global leader in the development of diets that have been balanced for both the genetic and functional nutritional requirements of dogs. In this video, LifeWise nutritionist Bill Wiadrowski discusses when and how often you should feed your dog

Stay and Play- Teaching Dogs to Jump Up

The satisfaction your customer can feel from teaching their dog a new trick will help them bond with their pet, as well as stimulate their furry friend both physically and mentally. This is a fun and practical trick to teach dogs, young or old. This command can be used to get dogs to jump up into the car, or to get then to move onto a set of scales at the vet.

Watch this short video on the tips and tricks for teaching a dog to master the "up" or "jump up" command and impress customers with your expertise. Don't forget using food treats or a dogs favourite toy is the easierst way to team them this practicle trick.

Discover how easy it is to teach dogs important and exciting commands with the Stay & Play video series from Purina here.

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Tools for Entertaining Puppies

Have your customers just welcomed a furry friend into their home and complaining they have no shoes left?

Learn how KONG Puppy products can help in your customers puppy's development, from teething to crate training and all the fun in-between. KONG has a solution for every size and age with specially formalized Puppy Rubber products that teach pups healthy chewing behaviors that will last a lifetime.