Terms and Conditons

Western Pet Supplies is a wholesale company specialising in the wholesale sales of pet food, pet accessories and other related pet products. An overview of our trading terms and conditions is provided below, more detailed conditions of sale are contained in the Trade Agreement between Western Pet Supplies and Individual Retailers who hold an account with us.

 1. Placement of Orders

Orders may be placed by the customer either by emailed to order@westernpet.com.au, or via our online portal.  If orders are being placed by email we require they come in the form of either the customers purchase order form, or in excel .csv format. In placing an order, the customer acknowledges its acceptances of these terms and conditions.


 2. Order Acceptance

Western Pet Supplies may accept any order or partial order, including additions to orders not currently dispatched, subject to our minimum order requirement of;

$350 for all orders

Accepted orders may not be cancelled or changed by the customer without the consent of Western Pet Supplies. Orders that are cancelled or changed by the customer without the consent of Western Pet Supplies will relinquish their right to return goods.


 3. Order Times and Changes

Customer Service Office hours are from 7:30am to 4:00pm (Sydney AEST) Monday to Thursday and 7:30am to 1:00pm Fridays. All orders accepted prior to 12.00 noon (Sydney AEST) will guarantee next day dispatch, with a delivery lead time set out in the Shipping Policy. Any orders accepted after 12.00 noon (Sydney AEST) may attract an additional day in delivery lead time.

Additions to existing orders accepted after 12.00 noon (Sydney AEST) are subject to warehouse approval, and in the event items cannot be added to an existing order, the standard lead times and minimum order requirements will apply to the new order.


 4. Order Confirmation

We are happy to confirm your order by way of invoice on dispatch. Out of stocks will be noted on invoice and our Customer Service team can assist with any estimated time of arrivals or supplier out of stocks, where available.


 5. Back Order Policy

Western Pet Supplies has a “No back order policy” therefore any unavailable items due to supplier out of stocks will not be charged to the customer and their request for the item will not be recorded. The customer will need to place a new order if they still require the item.


 6. Price

The price to be paid for items will be agreed upon by Western Pet Supplies and the Customer, otherwise such price will be indicated on the invoice, online portal or price list provided by Western Pet Supplies to their customers. Prior to the acceptance of an order Western Pet Supplies may change its published price at any time without notice. Customers are not entitled to any credit for stock on hand in the event that there has been a price reduction after invoicing.

Prices quoted are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST is the responsibility of the buyer and will be made payable to the supplier when applicable.

Discounts and specials offered will be shown on the invoice, and not be accepted as a claim off the remittance


 7. Credit Policy

Upon completion and acceptance of an account application, Western Pet Supplies will provide an immediate 7 day credit terms from invoice date. When your account has been authorised all customers will be notified in writing with our onboarding process including access to our payment gateway in our online portal.  

Credit approval once granted may be withdrawn, or have the terms changed, at any time. Where credit has been approved for a customer, all invoices issued by Western Pet Supplies are due and payable no later than the terms (7,14 or 30 days) agreed upon by Western Pet Supplies and the Customer, after the date of invoice. Interest of 10% per annum will be charged on overdue accounts.

Discounts may not apply and the supply of goods may be suspended if these terms are not adhered to. All goods remain the property of Western Pet Supplies until payment is made in full.


 8. Credit Card Surcharge

All payments made with Visa or MasterCard will incur a up to 2% credit card surcharge fee. This fee is subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of Western Pet Supplies.


 9. Dishonoured Cheques

A fee of $15.00 will be billed for all bank charges on re-presented cheques; Dishonoured cheques that refer to drawer will be billed at $20.00.   A $250.00 fee for legal costs to recover any payment due for goods will be worn by the purchaser. Future payments may be requested by bank cheque or cash.